Friday, August 28, 2015

Rustic Bookcase Makeover, with reclaimed wood

I planned to post this yesterday, but a sick baby girl had other ideas. Short of vapor-rub and cuddles there's little you can do for a baby with a cold, so it's been a long couple of days (and nights)! Here is the promised bookcase makeover!

Every house with kids needs storage, this is not news. But a very small house with two little people in it means you need to fit the storage to the space.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is It Autumn Yet?

I don't love summer.

I know, sacrilege right?

It's true though, it's been a long time since summer was my favorite season... In fact, visions of lockers and letterman jackets dance through my head when I think of that time.

The truth is, summer is usually a pretty stressful, worrisome, and even lonely time for me. It's a season I tend to "get through" instead of look forward to. Heard of the wildfires out west? I'm sure you have, and I'm sure you are praying and sending love and rainy thoughts to the families affected, homes lost, and businesses destroyed, as I am.

Do me a favor? Say a prayer for the firefighters while you're at it.

For the 19 year old, on her last fire before she returns for fall semester of college.

For the 25 year old who is climbing the ranks, with a nervous girlfriend and a worried mama at home.

And for the 32 year old tall drink of water, with a tired wife, an almost 4-year old with grass in his hair, and a sweet 7 month old baby with two teeth and pigtails.

Remember those exhausted guys and girls with yellow hard hats and sooty faces before you flick a cigarette out of the car window. Or forget to check that chain dangling innocently from a trailer. Or leave your camp fire smoldering.

A little extra care goes a very long way.

This Lovely Weeds Public Service Blog Post is now concluded. Go forth and be firewise.

(Cute upcycled bookcase coming Thursday, check Instagram HERE for sneak peaks!)

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lovely Weeds Gypsy Trailer: The plans

A couple of weeks ago I hinted at some fun things happening in my little retail world - I'm here to tell you a little more.

While this isn't the Airstream of my dreams that I wrote about HERE, it might just be even better. We'll have to see how many of my lofty plans are actually possible (I've been told that a window might be a bit much to hope for), but with a lovin' man, some reclaimed wood, and a whole lot of faith, I know it'll be just what this little business of mine needs!

Meet our trailer...

My traveling trailer shop!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Easy Hanging Planters - the perfect first DIY wood project

The perfect first project!
I was in the shop taking pictures for this post when the Mister asked me why I was focusing on such little details in my photos for the tutorial. Don't you think they'll figure it out? Of course I do, because you're brilliant and talented. You got this!

The truth is that when I write step-by-step instructions for one project or another, I'm not just writing to you. I am writing to myself. My how-to's are for me, three or four years ago. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Manly Bar, made by a girl!


I can't tell you how glad I was to see this project finished. It tortured me. It haunted my dreams. It followed me around for months, tapping me on the shoulder saying, Hey, ya gonna finish me yet?

Yes, you stubborn, moody whiskey cabinet. You're done, get out of my house.

I'm exaggerating a bit, but this was for my brother so I'm expected allowed to be a brat about it. :)

It was a long process, with a heavy dose of perfectionism on the part of the "customer" (and perhaps a sprinkling of orneriness on my side), but the bar is beautiful and I'm very proud of it.

A custom bar created from a modified console table plan

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Business, Blog, Trailers, and Daydreams

Businesses are hard. So are blogs.

Even tiny ones.

For a while I did a pretty good job of juggling things, but though both were humming right along, neither was growing. And I'm ready to grow... even if it's only in one area at a time.

Wondering where I've been this summer? I love, love, love writing and sharing my adventures with any like-minded/hearted people out there who are sweet enough to take the time to read my words, and I'm not done doing it. For the sake of my business though, I felt the need to take the past few months to step back from it and focus my energy and attention on the touch-it-feel-it-it's-real side of what I do.

Recently I've been focused on my tiny retail business, trying to solidify the direction I want to steer this little ship of mine. I really allowed myself to daydream and think about where I want to be in a month... six...twelve and far, far beyond that.

I want a big purple sign hanging over my own shop, filled to the brim with beautiful things. I want locals (and anyone else) to see a dandelion and think of reclaimed wood and my business. I want to be walking into the post office and be stopped by someone who bought a sign, a table, a pretty little piece of used-to-be-trash and hear how it lives in their home.

Most of that is on the calendar next to "KJ's varsity football game" and "Abbie's school play opening night" (in other words... a ways away).

My knowledge of business and retail is growing, but I know what I don't know. I recognize that I'm not ready for the overhead and not-fun logistics of a "real store". Most importantly, I'm not ready to give too much more of my heart away to anything but my man and my babies.

So I came up with an idea.

A few months ago we bought a trailer. It's just a regular ol' white cargo trailer... now. After some hard work, paint, and a bunch of beautiful wood it's going to be something really special. It will give me some room and a lot more freedom. It's new, it's more, it's a little quirky and I'll be back with more details soon!

Of course I couldn't ramble to you without the promise of some beautiful furniture, I would just never do that to you! Since I've been away a while, I have two posts in two days for you... it's how I am apologizing :)

Here is a sneak peak of what is coming Friday...

See ya then...
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